Stop the Vista Ridge Pipeline

The City of San Antonio has inked a contract to pipe up to 16.3 billion gallons of water per year for 30 years from rural Texas. The project will burden the city’s ratepayers with an estimated $3.4 billion price-tag for water they may not need for decades. Massive pumping will drain the Simsboro and Carrizo aquifers from rural wells east of Austin. At 142 miles long, Vista Ridge will be the largest water pipeline in Central Texas, setting the stage for the disastrous California-style water grid.

Join with fellow Texans to Stop the Vista Ridge Pipeline!

Why Oppose the Pipeline?

San Antonio’s mayor, City Council members, Chamber of Commerce representatives, and water utility hail the “Vista Ridge project” as providing secure, affordable, non-Edwards water for San Antonio Water System (SAWS) ratepayers, and for future generations of San Antonio residents. However, a closer look at the arguments in support of Vista Ridge reveals they simply don’t hold water.

The San Antonio City Council can and should withdraw from the Vista Ridge project immediately.

Read Our Position Paper

Attended the Hill Country Water Summit yesterday in New Braunfels where SAWS President and CEO, Robert Puente talked about how Vista Ridge is a "win-win" situation for San Antonio ratepayers and rural source communities. We passed out the attached flyer that describes how we really feel about SAWS' shenanigans. Please share - it's not too late to defeat Vista Ridge! #Waterfullofit #NoVistaRidge ... See MoreSee Less

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