Tell State Officials: Don’t Use Public Funds for the Vista Ridge pipeline

The SWIFT fund was passed by Texas voters in 2013 to help finance public water projects, with a special emphasis on conservation. Now, San Antonio Water System (SAWS) has applied to use these public funds to build the controversial and wasteful Vista Ridge pipeline.

If built, the Vista Ridge pipeline would haul over 16.3 billion gallons of water across 142 miles from Burleson County, northeast of Austin to San Antonio, Texas every year... whether San Antonio needs the water or not!

Vista Ridge would deplete the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, saddle SAWS ratepayers with high, unnecessary costs for decades to come, and spur unsustainable development over the sensitive Edwards Aquifer. Vista Ridge would be the largest water pipeline in Central Texas and would form a trunk line for a water grid “model” for Central Texas that is already a proven disaster in California.

The Vista Ridge team, a public-private partnership, set up a shell non-profit water supply corporation in order to seize private property through eminent domain and apply for over $1 billion in SWIFT funds.

Luckily, the Texas Water Development Board did not approve $885 million of those funds; however, another $127 million in tax dollars currently hangs in the balance.

Sign the petition today! Urge Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Water Development Board of Directors to oppose state funding for any and all pieces of Vista Ridge.


SAWS dropped its plans to use state funds for Vista Ridge. Thanks to those of you who took action to achieve this win!

Check back soon for more ways you can help defeat the Vista Ridge Pipeline.

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